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Feb. 4th, 2012 08:32 pm
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I'm kind of disappointed in myself, I have to say. I've been off all of this time and I've barely accomplished anything...


Hi everyone - this post has been hijacked by The Rest of Sharon's Body - but for now, let's call ourselves the other 99%. See, usually we're pushed beyond the brink in service to the brain.

Yes, we realize that's how it usually works.

But what Brainy doesn't quite grasp is that this break was not about her.

(Ankle: Break?! You guys seriously had to go there?)

Okay, fine. Poor choice of words. This forced time off. Ankle was fucked up. Then the Respiratory Team had to go off and get bronchitis again, as if the rest of us didn't have enough to deal with what with Derpy over here being on crutches. Remember, this is the same kid that had to go to dancing school to keep from falling over her feet and who messed up her ankle crossing the damn street. So the last thing we needed was for Lungs to go and get in trouble again.

Lungs: I resent that! You act like I did this on purpose. I didn't.
Ankle: Really? Considering you're usually head drama queen around here, I'm surprised that this wasn't some kind of last-ditch grab for attention.
Lungs: I assure you, I didn't get bronchitis for the second time in six months for the lulz. And besides, we're getting sidetracked from the point here.

That's true, Wheezy. We really should get back on topic.

Lungs: Thanks. And stop calling me that. It's not funny.

Anyways, Brain has been flipping her shit after realizing that there's hardly a week until we head to the doctor to find out if we're done with these blasted crutches already, and we have yet to write the Great American Something. Or even really read the great American something. In fact, we've really not been doing much at all.

And there's a really good reason for that. See, as much as Brain is going to pout and stomp and shout that it's no excuse, regrowing bone and killing off a nasty lung infection takes lots of effort and energy. And we only have so much. It's fine most of the time to turn over all of our resources to her. When we're healthy, it's okay for us to get by on not enough rest just to get through a given week. But we're NOT healthy. Not really. We're home on this enforced leave so that we can get better. So we can get up and go back to the life currently on pause. We can hardly make great ideas happen when all of our energy has to go (at least in the short term) to getting physically fixed again.

Brain: Excuses, excuses. Just like for all of your bs reasons for needing all of that extra, wasteful sleep!

It's not extra - maybe if someone else would shut off and shut up a little earlier and let the rest of us sleep a little earlier, we wouldn't be sleeping so late, no?

Brain: You said you had some kind of point to make?

The point is that you're not the only one in this meat suit. And we're just as valuable a part of is as you are. And while, true, we haven't done much writing or reading, aren't we feeling better?

Lungs: Definitely. Thank goodness.
Ankle: Err, mostly. I mean, I felt totally better until about like, Thursday? Then I started hurting like a motherfucker again. It's like all the bones are coming back at once or something. Also, OW. ><

That takes a lot out of us. Remember how not fun being in pain was before Ankle had her surgery?

Brain: Yeah, I guess.

Isn't the whole point of this to GET BETTER?

Brain: Technically.

And, in some way, wasn't it nice for YOU to have a little downtime? To not be running on FULL for once?

Brain: Well, when I don't think about it too hard, it's not awful.

Plus, we did get a lot of other stuff done, didn't we?

Brain: Like what? Wedding Stuff?


Brain: I guess that's sort of pressing anyway. It's only 109 days away! JESUS. I HAVE SO MUCH THAT I HAVE TO...wait. I really don't, do I? Honeymoon is booked, and that's exciting. Plus, have confirmed all sorts of things I had to confirm with the venue. Invites [ profile] redesigner mocked up are beautiful, just need to have them ordered and printed. I just have a few things left - like buying or ordering the centerpiece plants, and setting up the website RSVP thing, and figuring out hair and makeup. Oh, and what in hell I'm doing about favors, if anything.

And considering that it's so soon, isn't that kind of a big deal to get that shit done before starting a new project?

Brain: Well, yes.

Now, are you FINALLY going to get off of our asses about the fact that we kind of had to be lumps in order to feel better?

Brain: Okay. I'll try.

Now, can we all work together to maybe, just maybe be 100% when Ankle goes back to the doc on the 13th and we find out if we're going to be going back to our life and job and everything.

Brain: What the hell do you think I've been so worried about?? I're right. I'll let everyone else get to work.

Good. Thank you.

Brain: I'll try anyway. It's not easy to sit here and do nothing, you know!

Actually, we don't know! When was the last time you let any of us do nothing??

Brain: Ummm....sleeping is nothing!

Not convincing.

Brain: Yeah, I Know.

Date: 2012-02-05 04:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Funny post!

But seriously, feel better& try not to drive yourself crazy, ok?

Date: 2012-02-05 06:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Yes, feel better but wow. I nearly died. XD

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