Dec. 26th, 2016

offbalance: (UB Divas)
I'm baaaaaaaack.

So, on that *other* social media site, there is a secret group that is trying to get the band back together (as it were) here on LJ. So far, it's been a glorious class reunion. I never lost touch with [ profile] fragbert, thankfully, but getting back in touch with [ profile] first_lobster and [ profile] trappedinabay has been marvelous. There's also a new community, [ profile] 2017revival that seems dead set serious about making this a *thing* again and I'm all for it. Will be posting over there shortly too, just figured I'd go through the trouble of posting here first so anyone wanting to meander to my page would have something fresh to read.

Christmas was lovely - presents included copies of the Springsteen memoir, Hamiltome, the Hamilton Mixtape, the new Leonard Cohen and Lady Gaga albums, my own copy of Metropolitan on dvd, and TICKETS TO SEE BETTE MIDLER IN HELLO DOLLY. I may be just a tad tiny bit excited about that last one. [ profile] quasisonic magically got me this Ogio tote bag I was in love with but didn't manage to buy for myself also, and I may have shattered a few windows when I got to unwrap that one. She also got me the blu-ray set of That's Entertainment! I-III, which my dorky ass is SO excited about diving into.


I just got back from seeing La La Land, and boy, what a let down. The most disappointing thing of all is that there may have been a good movie under there somewhere if they had spent a little more time making the script make sense, hiring actors who could sing and dance, and perhaps writing a few more songs. Alas, this was not the finished product I plunked down $16.50 to see.

Very minor spoilers ahoy... )

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