Dec. 2nd, 2011

It figures

Dec. 2nd, 2011 12:07 pm
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I have all sorts of things to tell the Internet, and naturally, LJ is undergoing a DDOS attack. *sigh* So I'm posting here, and hopefully things will be ported over once everything's back up and running. Blah.

So! First the bad news, then the good news.

Bad news: I need ankle surgery. *sigh* I started having all sorts of trouble again about a month or so ago, and despite trying to ignore it until it went away, I finally decided I had to do something about it. So I decided to go to see my sister's ortho, as I was less than pleased about how my previous ortho handled things surrounding my cortizone shot last June.   (there's also the part where he sent me to physical therapy before sending me to have an MRI on the ankle.)

New Ortho is great.  New Ortho read my MRI report and listened to everything that my other ortho did and I had the pleasure of watching a doctor call another doctor an idiot without actually saying it in so many words.   That was fun.   But this guy took a lot of time to explain everything to me very carefully, including the risks and worst-case scenarios.  That, and the beautiful job he did on my sister's knee surgery made me feel a lot more confident about going under the knife.  I'm still the opposite of pleased, but I know for a fact he's going to give me a scrip for th Fun Drugs after the surgery.  So, something to look forward to in addition to a few days off of work.

Good news!
My wedding dress has arrived at the salon.  I get to go and see it and try it on this coming Thursday.   [personal profile] blergeatkitty has graciously agreed to accompany me.   The next time I get to see it will be my first alteration appointment in....March?  I have it written down.  I'm pretty sure.

Other good news:  As much as I love my laptop, the old girl is finally starting to show her age.  Rather than deal with the usual hell I endure when my computer decides to die, I've instead decided to conquer matters head on, and I've ordered myself a shiny new HP, with lots of cool bells and whistles.  The thing I'm most excited about (aside from lots of memory and speed) is that this new laptop will have a camera, so I'll be able to skype!  That's very exciting to me.  Oh, and it's a bright shade of "sonoma red."  I also find that incredibly cool.

And you know what ELSE is awesome?  It's FRIDAY.   And I have Monday off.  Which is good, as this weekend is going to be totally batshit insane.  And then, pretty much every weekend after through New Years is going to be just moderately batshit insane.  At least I'll be ready for some forced quiet times after the surgery given the insane merry-go-round of this month.  

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